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The 7 Points of Do-It-Yourself SEO

Posted on January 10, 2021 by Fred Jensen
The basics of search engine optimisation in applied web marketing are simple.It is all to do with the keyword content of your text copy, and can be summarised in seven points.1.Register a good domain name which reflects what your website is about.2.Name your page URLs based on reasons like the above for your web promotion, except now you can be more specific.Search engines like to know what your page is all about...

Keep Your Web Site Content Relevant

Posted on December 6, 2020 by Fred Jensen
Visitors and search engines love content-rich web sites, but just having a good deal of content on your website is insufficient.Everything has to be relevant to a main topic with each page or part of the website having a specific theme (And yes, that includes any resource or links pages the site may have).Each page should have its own topic and content shouldn't stray to another topic.If you're boosting your graphic design business and have a page on business card layout, stay on the subject...