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Content Is King

Posted on July 8, 2021 by Fred Jensen

Over the last few decades, there have been many debates about different search engine optimisation strategies, though it's highly important that a variety of strategies are pulled together as one to form the best optimisation program possible. There's one particular factor that's becoming ever more important when it comes to reaching number one in the search engine results pages. That factor is "content". It seems search engines in their quest to provide ever more relevant results are giving site content more and more weight in their ranking algorithms. These days we are seeing web pages packed full of relevant text as opposed to the wonderful, graphical pages that used to adorn many a company's web sites.

Though of course page content is only 1 aspect of a Fantastic optimisation campaign, It's important to follow a few simple guidelines when constructing that articles so as to get it right:

1. Research - before you write one word about a specific solution, group of products or service, it's important you understand as much as you can about your topic. Fantastic research will let you construct factual, relevant content. Should you opt to just copy content already on the market, then be very careful. It's wise to approach the owner of such content and ask their consent. By way of instance if you will need to write about a solution and your provider already has a great description of it on their website, then it might be the case that they'll allow you to use it for promotional purposes. Again you want to seek their approval first. Even in the event that you would like to re-write somebody else's content it's recommended to check with them first. Generally a great guideline is"if in doubt, do not do it". Your very own original content is always best.

2. Spelling and Grammar - you should always try to maintain a high level of grammar and spelling. Always assume anyone reading your articles is seeking mistakes. Buyers look for reasons not just to buy, but also to not purchase. Great grammar and spelling portrays a confident and professional image.

3. Layout - page content has to be laid out properly so as to look more pleasing to the eye. Keep paragraphs brief and to the point. Any key words and key phrases will need to be worked to the content obviously and read properly. Titles and headings should be in bold and the initial letter of every word should be capitalised. Always use a plain, easy to read font. Fancy fonts might look nice to you, but do not forget your content will be read by the masses and wants to have a general look, that could be read by everybody. Any essential references or words should be emphasized using quotation marks or bold text.

By using the three basic guidelines outlined above, you'll have the ability to write good, relevant page content, that is directly to the point, pleasing to the eye, and professionally written, in addition to keyword rich. Never forget the search engine spiders love content, but be careful not to over do it, otherwise you may lose your readers attention, which ultimately means lost sales.