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Search Engine Optimization and Site Maps

Posted on March 8, 2023 by Fred Jensen

You might not think there is a connection between proper seo and site maps, but you would be surprised. Consider what might eventually a visitor of one's site. If he gets lost he might go looking for the Sitemap link, and when you're an excellent designer you should have one for him. Not merely do human visitors like sitemaps, so do se's and there lies another ingenious solution to beat your competition browsing rankings.

Search Engine Optimization, remember, has everything related to both your human customers and the internet search engine spiders aswell. In fact, as the code that se's use to search out and index your website is fairly complex, what they're actually searching for is the ditto as these potential customers: good relevant content.

So where do site maps enter into play with seo? Well, several places actually but essentially the most important thing may be the simple fact a sitemap tells the internet search engine spider what your website looks like also it does so by holding its hand completely or more and down your website.

You've surely already found that anchor links (those usually blue underlined ones that lurk within content paragraphs) ought to be keyword rich and logically named.

Now suppose All your sites pages are appropriately named, every one of them keyword rich and logically named for the human visitors. Once you put all these into your sitemap page, internet search engine spiders will "read" every one of these. They'll find all your aptly named pages in every of these keyword splendor and index them just as such.

So...long story short, when people seek out content in Google, for instance, your website could appear because among your pages is optimized and named for that one subject. You will possibly not have ever even manually submitted that page to Google, but as you gave Googlebot (the spider that searches your website) a niche site map and those tasty names, he knows wherever to get what your customer wants.

Instant gratification, both for the internet search engine as well as your customer aswell.