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Outbound Links - Increase Your Keyword Density

Posted on September 9, 2023 by Fred Jensen

This might seem such as a strange suggestion nevertheless, you may use outbound links to build up content for the site that may be geared to the keywords that you desire. What will happen online is that exactly the same description, usually scripted by the websites webmaster, appears everywhere by means of back links and therefore could be deemed as repetitive and have a penalty from the various search engines.

My suggestion is always to invest 10 minutes of your energy and rewrite the description of the website in question, this might permit you to target the keywords you want to and in addition allow you to boost your pages targeted keyword density and fine tune it in order that it works in your favour and great content for the various search engines.

I would also claim that you use several site reviews on a single page to be able to further increase that pages keyword density, this works great because according to the keyword your are targeting you might find it hard to put enough keywords and search phrases in to the page in order that it reads right (remember a human must read it!).

Whereas in the event that you review several sites all inside your targeted area then it becomes extremely an easy task to create a highly internet search engine optimised page which has great keyword density that's still very readable and user-friendly to a human viewer.

You could also desire to further raise the keyword density by including among your personal articles concerning the subject involved above the web page reviews and lead out onto the website reviews, whilst remembering to strategically place several links to your personal pages (as well as AdSense code) before them. Thus giving the reader the chance of either continuing onto a different one of one's pages and staying on your own site, clicking the AdSense for more info and earning you some revenue or clicking onto among the internet sites for more info. Be sure you make the hyperlink open in a fresh window which means that your site continues to be in the browser and encourage the reader to come back.

The result is really a human friendly page that's highly internet search engine optimised with an excellent keyword density that also gives unique content to your internet site.