13 Tips For Good Search Engine Placements

When used properly in combination with other basic search engine tactics, these tips may help dramatically improve your placement with the search engines and increase the traffic to your web site.

1. USE KEYWORD FILE NAMES: By naming your html file related to your keywords, you can get a small advantage. This is a rather minor aid and therefore don’t go overboard with it.

2. AVOID USING ROBOTIC SUBMISSIONS TO THE TOP SEARCH ENGINES: When submitting your webpage to one of the top 8 search engines, try to post your webpage manually as opposed to using any automated software or websites that article for you to get to the prime search engines. Lots of folks feel that over 70 percent of your hits will come from Google and Bing. It is probably worth spending a substantial amount of time trying to find a great position from theses search engines.

3. BE SURE TO USE YOUR KEYWORDS IN YOUR PAGE TITLE: Many search engines will look to see what phrases you’ve used in your page title tag. It’s quite important that you include the keywords you wish to be found under in this name tag.

4. GET YOUR PAGE LINKED FROM OTHER SITES: Some search engines will boost your relevancy if your website is linked to from other websites. Try to establish as many links as possible from different places before you submit your webpage for positioning.

5. AVOID USING JAVA AND FRAMES IN YOUR PAGES: Search engine robots have a tough time with pages containing Java and frames (not the Java Script tip under that is ignored by search engines). So as to set up a high relevancy and for that reason a high rank don’t use these methods from the pages that you submit to the search engines.

6. THE FIRST 250 WORDS OF TEXT: Search engine spiders scrutinize the initial 250 word of text into your webpage for relevancy and keyword count. You have to use your keywords in the right proportions in this portion of your page. Some say a 10% – 40% key word count in this section of text is best. ALWAYS begin this text using the page name you used in the title tag. Prevent keyword repetition (i.e. repeating key words one after another ).

7. DO NOT USE THE META REFRESH COMMAND: This command is used to automatically move a page to another without needing reader input.

8. Don’t use TEXT THAT IS THE SAME COLOR AS THE BACKGROUND: Search engines look for text that’s the same colour as the background which is used to increase the keyword count with no reader viewing the text. This has turned into a definite no no and you might be punished for such tactics.

9. USE LINKS CONTAINING KEYWORDS: One way to grow a key word count is to use a collection of functioning or non-working links comprising a description and link which incorporate your keywords. This also has the benefit of providing hyperlinks to other internet sites from your page that the search engines also look for.

10. USE THE IMAGE ALT TAG TO INCREASE YOUR KEYWORD COUNT: Each image permits you to add a text description of the image in the alt tag. Use these tags to include key words or phrases to improve your keyword count. Search engines do believe alt tags in their relevancy rankings.

11. USE KEYWORDS IN PLURAL: Try to use your keywords in the plural form. Such as, CLOCKS Rather than CLOCK. An individual search on the keyword CLOCK will get both CLOCK and CLOCKS however a user search for CLOCKS will generally not turn up pages using the keyword CLOCK in singular form.

12. KEEP META TAG DESCRIPTION TO 25 WORDS OR LESS: Many search engines will truncate your description if it’s too long deleting possible important points you are attempting to convey. Keep your meta description to 25 words or less to prevent having submitted an incomplete message to readers.

13. KEEP META TAG KEYWORD LISTS UNDER 1000 CHARACTERS: Keep your meta tag keyword list to under 1000 characters. Anything more and you might have your relevancy rank penalized by search engines. Furthermore, do not replicate any 1 keyword in the keyword meta tag more than three times.

I hope you use these plans soon and realize a lot more success than you have! Begin right away and observe the difference in your rankings.